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From Hannes Erven <>
Subject The WS-BusinessActivity-Initiator protocol specification proposal
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:07:54 GMT
Hi folks,

attached is the current version of the WS-BusinessActivity-Initiator
protocol. It should be seen as a proposal and non-final version as we
hope to further improve it with discussion in the WS-BA and Kandula


TheWeb Services (WS)-Transaction protocol family provides transaction
handling mechanisms for web services based on the initiator, coordinator
and participant roles. While the WS-AtomicTransaction specification (see
[2]) defines all necessary interfaces to carry out transactional work,
the WS-BusinessActivity specification intentionally left the interface
between initiator and coordinator undefined. This allows vendors to
integrate WS-BusinessActivity coordinators into their business process
engines, however requires proprietary protocols between initiator and
coordinator to be established.
This work proposes an extension protocol to the WS-BusinessActivity
specification that explicitly defines the missing interface between
initiator and coordinator. Not only is source code modularity vastly
increased, this extension also allows coordinators and initiators from
different vendors to interoperate transparently.
By adhering to this extension, business activity enabled participants no
longer need to trust an initiator-selected and likely initiator-run
coordination service but may require the use of commonly trusted,
third-party coordination services.
The design of this extension furthermore allows hosts with restricted
connectivity (e.g. NAT, firewall) or resources (e.g. no web services
container running) to create and control WS-BusinessActivity transactions.

Key words:
	Web Services, Transactions,
	Business Activity, WS-Business-Activity

Please note that the the SOAP Action URI and WSDL locations are
non-existent. The current WSDL file is attached.

Both the PDF and WSDL files can also be found on

We are looking forward to discuss the proposal with you.

The current version is - except the subcontext features - already
implemented for Kandula 1.

best regards


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