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From Benjamin Schmeling <>
Subject Re: Writing a custom banking service
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 10:27:56 GMT
Hi :-),

the client does not stop automatically. 180secs after the commit was 
called, there is a timeout fault on the server. Moreover I thought that 
the coordinator would call either prepare or commit of my service. This 
is not the case. Maybe I misunderstood the WS-AtomicTransaction 
protocol. I thinkt the debit operation of the Web Service should only do 
the work without further propagation to the underlying database. When 
the commit operation of my Web Service is called, the operation 
propagates to the database. Is that right?


> Hi Benjamin,
> >    * completionCoordinator is called and it returns no response
> > (containing <Commit xsi:nil="true"
> > xmlns=""/>)
> >    * participant is called and it returns no response
> >    * coordinator is called and it returns no response
> >    * completionInitiator is called and it returns no response
> That's OK, since those calls aren't expected to return anything. The 
> "Commit" message just tells the coordinator to commit. Once it has, it 
> sends a message to the completionInitiator containing the result - 
> Commited or Rolled Back.
> (The same pattern applies to the calls between participant ("prepare") 
> and coordintor.)
> The message exchange itself looks OK - please be more verbose on what 
> "fails" or what results you did not expect.
> Just some general remarks - I don't think they apply to your case, 
> since the message exchange would fail earlier if something was not 
> correctly set up:
> > I deployed all transactional services that are needed and put the
> > client-config.wsdd to the WEB-INF/classes of my Tomcat.
> Did you put the client-config.wsdd in both the classes directory of 
> the Tomcat that runs Kandula, *and* into the classpath of your client 
> program?
> If something went wrong there, the messages lack the ws-addressing 
> fields that are necessary to correlate messages and transactions. 
> Please look in your messages if they contain To, From, and the like 
> fields.
> Another guess: did you set the correct kandula location in both 
> files? (as above, there should be one in each 
> runtime instance. Of course, you could - or have - deployed everything 
> in one instance.)
> Liebe Grüße ;-)
>     -hannes
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