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From Jack Wang <>
Subject 回复: Fwd: Re: about jotm*.jar, j2ee.jar files and other questions
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 09:40:36 GMT
--- Dasarath Weeratunge <>写道:

> >  In the guide of Kandula (README.1st) there are not
> > those files (jotm*.jar and j2ee.jar). Without those
> > files, It works ok, so... what's wrong?
> the new code uses Geronimo TM. U no longer need JOTM. Further JOTM is not 
> supported any more.

  So I should use Geronimo(web application server) to replace tomcat 5.5 if I want to use
WS_AT ? If that, kandula will be bundled to Geronimo, and can not be used at other web application
server: JRun, WebSphere, Tomcat etc ? I wish kandula is a independence module which can be
used in
WS_AT environment, i.e. 
                                        |------> mC:JRun+axis+JOTM
 WS_AT machina mA + Kandula server mB --|
                                        |------> mD:Tomcat+axis+JOTM

 Otherwise, if kandula is bundled to Geronimo, it is:
                                        |------> mC:Geronimo+axis
 WS_AT machina mA + Kandula server mB --|
                                        |------> mD:Geronimo+axis

  Where mA and mB can be a same machine, they will call web services run in mC and mD in one
transaction by kandula.

  Is it right ? Thanks.

Wang Jun


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