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From "Brian Dillon (ext. 944)" <>
Subject Two quick questions
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 12:01:22 GMT

Thanks for you're help so far. I have managed to get a simple client and
service working together with an XA resource. I just have a couple of quick
questions which you might be able to help;

Firstly, when is Kandula likely to be officially released ?

Secondly. At the moment transaction management is done on the server-side by
the coordinator. How is it envisaged that failover would work ? I.E. If I
have two instances of the Web Services deployed in a cluster and one of the
application servers goes down ? Normally failover would be handled through
sessions and session failover (this is quite easy for simple things like
remaining logged in). It is assumed that the client will see a broken
transaction and start again or will the coordinator know enough to either
rollback or continue with the transaction ?


Brian Dillon

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