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From "Daniele Martinoli" <>
Subject build.xml for code generation
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 09:38:01 GMT
Hi all,

I just downloaded incubated-jaxme-0.2 and I'm trying to generate Java code
for my schema. I already compiled it with the JAXB reference implementation,
and everything was fine: now I'm trying to evaluate a different JAXB
implementation due to its license restrictions.


I followed your instructions to update my build.xml but:

1) the "package" attribute is not supported by the xjc task, so Ant does not
execute the task

2) I tried with "packageName" (that is the JavaBean-attribute implemented by
the XJVTask), but it seems it is not handled by the task: Ant stops with "

Unable to derive package name from an empty namespace URI ...".

3) I tried to define a namespace for my schema, and seems that the
compilation started, but stops with an error like "Invalid element: The type
xxx is not defined.". This type, a complexType for instance, instead is
defined in the schema (all types used are internal to the schema), but for
some reasons JaxMe complaints. I tried to move up the definition of this
type in the schema and the compilation seems to go ahead, but stops when
looking for another type definition (a simpleType this time). I finally
moved up also the definition of this type but the compilation stops with the
same message. Is the order or type definitions important?


The examples provided are without a build.xml: maybe it could be helpful.


Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,





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