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From "Dittmann, Werner" <>
Subject AW: order of sign and encr in .NET
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 06:42:51 GMT

to me it seems a problem of BizTalk and/or the .Net WSE
implementation. According to the OASIS WSS specification,
chapter 5:

As elements are added to a <wsse:Security> header block, 
they SHOULD be prepended to the existing elements. As such, 
the <wsse:Security> header block represents the signing and
encryption steps the message producer took to create the message. 
This prepending rule ensures that the receiving application can 
process sub-elements in the order they appear in the 
<wsse:Security> header block, because there will be no forward 
dependency among the sub-elements. Note that this specification 
does not impose any specific order of processing the 
sub-elements. The receiving application can use whatever order 
is required.

This means, if the receiver sees an encryption sub-element
before a Signature sub-element if processes encryption first.
The ordering of elements is the _only_ information about the
processing sequence. How could the receiver otherweise 
determine that it should first check Signature, then decrypt?

Maybe you may crosscheck with the MS folks to clarfiy that?
Are there known problems with BizTalk / .Net WSE? In general
we tested interop with .Net WSE.


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> Gesendet: Freitag, 8. Juli 2005 07:59
> An: Granqvist, Hans
> Cc:
> Betreff: Re: order of sign and encr in .NET
> Granqvist, Hans wrote:
> >>... biztalk outputs 
> >>DataReference above Signature element and this causes 
> >>decryption before signature and sign validation fails because 
> >>decryption changes the value of body element.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Is it you or biztalk that implies processing order from
> >the element order?
> >
> >Hans
> >  
> >
> Whatever order I send data to Biztalk it processes correctly. 
> Because my
> java client (wss4j) puts the headers of last operation above 
> the others.
> However Biztalk always sends DataReference above Signature element and
> my java client (wss4j) first processes the encrypted body so signature
> validation fails.
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> gurkan
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