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From Andrew Kinard <>
Subject Re: Cert in-memory, not from file
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:39:47 GMT

Thanks, that's sounds like a simple solution to my problem.  What did  
you use to generate your static cached KeyStore?  Is it possible for  
you to share relevant peices of your Merlin subclass?

Many thanks,
Andrew Kinard

On Jul 28, 2005, at 6:26 PM, Mike wrote:

> I extended WSDoAllSender/Receiver to store a static cached KeyStore  
> and properties, and use that to generate an instance of Merlin by  
> overriding the load*Crypto functions. A client can push the  
> relevant keystore into the new WSDoAllSender/Receiver prior to  
> calling, and server side would initialize the WSDoAll* stuff at  
> servlet startup.
> I initially tried using cached certificates and keypairs to  
> generate my own Crypto, but in the end it was easier to just write  
> a simple subclass of Merlin that set it's keystore and minimal set  
> of properties.
> -Mike
> Andrew Kinard wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Has anyone extended a WSS4J to handle cert objects already in  
>> memory  instead of certs from a keystore file?  I have an app that  
>> is  generating certs without storing them and I need a way to load  
>> them  into WSDoAllSender.  Has anyone extended WSS4J in this way?   
>> If not,  I would be glad to write a patch.  Any pointers or  
>> recommendations on  how I proceed?
>> Regards,
>> Andrew Kinard
>> AK;-)

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