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From Peter Smith <>
Subject Questions about EJB invocation & EWS current status
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2004 05:43:16 GMT
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(Apologies for dumb questions - I know nothing about Geronimo &amp;
almost nothing about EWS)<br>
Be that as it may, I have some questions about the EJB "Invocation
about Implementation Bean" (3 options) described on <br>
<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="*checkout*/ws-axis/contrib/ews/docs/architecture-guide.html">*checkout*/ws-axis/contrib/ews/docs/architecture-guide.html</a><br>
1. According to the EJB2.1 manual I thought the stateless session bean
could get at the underlying SOAP request via the
SessionContext.getMessageContext [ref EJB2.1section7.5.3]. How is the
necessary info propogated into the EJB Container if Axis just invokes
the SLSB via the user defined remote or local interfaces? (your options
1 &amp; 2)<br>
2.&nbsp; I thought in EJB2.1 it is not actually mandatory for a SLSB (which
is a web service endpoint) to even have a remote/local interface at
all. For example the spec&nbsp; [EJB2.1section4.2.1] says "A bean that
implements a web service endpoint does not have a home or component
interface unless it also provides a local or remote client view.". How
does that issue fit with your EJB invocation options described by the
above link?<br>
3. I saw lots of diagrams on the EWS pages but it is not obvious to me
do they represent current code or just designs for future. Also I saw
instructions how to run EWS but there is just 1 issue in JIRA for ews
so does it mean nobody is actually running it? I am just unclear what
is the "status" of&nbsp; the EWS project. Can someone enlighten me? <br>
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