I suspect that you cannot get it to work because attributes without a prefix are not in the default namespace: they have no namespace. [1]
  So the document in the new format would not validate against the original schema.
   You might have to fiddle with your own implementation of NamespaceContext to get what you want.


Good luck!

On Aug 19, 2014 12:23 PM, "Sewwandi Perera" <> wrote:

My requirement is to remove namespace prefix of an attribute when the namespace prefixes of both the attribute and the belonging OMElement are same. 


Input: <ns1:Location ns1:type="attribute">

Output: <ns1:Location type="attribute"> 

I used "namespace repairing" property in XMLStreamWriter as given in links [1], [2] to get this done but it didn't work for me

please let me know what is the recommended way to achieve this.

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