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From Michael Pigott <>
Subject Re: [XmlSchema 2.0] Project Status?
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 20:31:43 GMT
    I'm happy to take on an active role in the project if no one else is -
I'm currently trying to automatically generate an XML parser based on the XBRL
schema <>.  I've tried
XMLBeans and I've tried JAXP, but so far only XmlSchema has been able to
process all 11 schemas associated with reading an XBRL document.  I'm
currently trying to figure out how to automatically generate code to save
the data in another format, like Avro.
   There are things I wished XmlSchema did better, like tell me which
attributes and children are valid for a particular element (which includes
processing substitution groups and complex content extensions &
restrictions).  I'm happy to work on these items, as well as any bugs that
others have filed, but I'm having a hard time of getting a hold of someone.


On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Michael Pigott <> wrote:

> Hello Apache Web Services Developers,
>     Last week I filed and provided a fix for
> (uploading the
> yesterday).  However, I haven't seen much traction on the JIRA
> ticket, and I am not sure who to reach out to.
>     No lead developer is assigned to the JIRA project, and the project
> team list ( ) is currently
> empty.  I also, I tried signing into the #apache-ws IRC room yesterday (per
> ) and no one was there.
>     Is it possible to contribute to the Apache XML Schema project?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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