There are pros an cons. On one hand people probably sign up for information on one project and don't give a rats... about the others. On the other hand you get some info on other projects. I personally think that the cons outweigh the pros and I doubt that people will adapt in other ways than finding a working way to unsubscribe. Today I noticed that the information on how to unsubscribe from jaxme did not work.
So how do I unsubscribe from the merged list (assuming that I've spent the ten minutes I have looking for it and not quite being sure what I'm subscribing to anymore?) :)

On 1 Nov 2010 20:58, "Fulvio Re Cecconi" <> wrote:

Yes, I think you have.

Il giorno 01/nov/2010, alle ore 20:20, Lawrence Mandel <> ha scritto:

> I think we can all see from the large number of unsubscribe requests that there were many people...