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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: Remove Axis2 stuff from WS site.....
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2010 15:42:15 GMT
On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 17:33, Benson Margulies <> wrote:
> 1. I'm the only person who has touched the ws site. If you want to be
> annoyed, be annoyed at me.

BTW, I was wondering why that didn't generate any SVN commit
notifications. At least I didn't see any kind of notification that
would have allowed me to review your changes. I think that is
something that should be fixed.

> 2. It never occurred to me, when I started, that Axis would, at this late
> date, have a 'web site' consisting of a raw HTML link to the old content on
> the WS site. I didn't set out to disturb anyone or anything. It was only
> after I had put considerable effort into initial cleanup that I discovered,
> to my distress, that Axis had no site. And, and that time, I sent a query to
> the axis list, and received no replies at all.
> 3. I appear to be the only person with any time or energy available for the
> web site on the WS project, such as that project is. I cannot accept
> responsibility as the historical curator of the old Axis content.
> Personally, I don't think that history is very important or interesting;
> what is important is making the current resources available to the current
> interested parties.  I appreciate that some may find this an extreme
> position. However, the Apache Way, as I understand it, is that the direction
> is set by those available to do the work.
> 4. In my opinion, the WS PMC is only viable if there are a group of people
> who are, in fact, prepared to collaborate on common goals. If the actual
> state of affairs is that there is one XmlSchema developer and some
> sympathizers, and ditto for Neethi and the others, then it should, again in
> my opinion, finish fisioning. Fission would be fine with me. I'd set up an
> adequate XmlSchema web presence, period.

I think we should indeed seriously consider promoting projects such as
XmlSchema, Axiom and Woden to TLPs (and any subproject that is viable
on its own).

> 5. I have no objection to having some bit of info on a WS project front page
> that cites history and links to the successor projects, and I would ask any
> interested party to contribute that content to the Confluence section which
> is going to become the source of the WS project -- if the project survives
> that long. I have no objection to someone supplying me a PATCH to the
> existing Forrest site to serve the same purpose: as a committer on the
> project I will be more than happy to apply it and publish.

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