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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Axis2 as TLP
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2008 20:59:43 GMT
Hi Ajith,

+1 , Very well said.

Thank you!
> I should kick myself for not reading Axis2 mail frequently. I just
> spent 20 minutes reading the complete thread and just throwing my 2
> cents.
> 1. I am +1 (not a vote, a token of agreement) on making Axis2 a TLP.
> I have supported the decision in the PMC and I am still in support for
> it. As Deepal says I don't understand why people are so much worried
> about making Axis2 a TLP. We have kept all the major components as
> subprojects so far and what difference would it make if we house them
> in a different place ?
> 2. I have to agree to Dims that we have not been active as usual.
> There are open Jira's and I haven't had time to fix the few things
> that are pending in my niche projects (XMLSchema and tcpmon) let alone
> in Axis2. However I personally feel that it would be easier to do a
> better job (better than being done right now) if the teams are small
> and focused rather than generic and all over the place.  Again the
> volume and the size clearly warrants a break just for the ease of
> management. Mind you - it would not automatically fix the problem -
> the site would not get fixed by magic and the Jiras would not vanish.
> However it may make it easier to do so.
> For the sake of the argument if a disgruntled user goes on commenting
> about Axis2 he would be shooting at the ws pmc. But the WS pmc
> consists of many other innocent PMCers that have nothing to do with
> Axis2! if we have clear separation then the responsibilities are
> clear.
> 3. I've been told that (before my time in Apache) that it is
> discouraged to put projects in an umbrella of functionality, say like
> in ws* or xml*. Instead Apache has embraced the
> related-or-not-related-but-interesting type of project names with
> 'projects' and not umbrellas. Just to make it clear does the words
> jackrabbit, lucene, synapse, Mina or Lenya make any hint of what the
> project actually does ? So i don't see the point of keeping Axis2
> under the umbrella of ws* anymore. if the ws* argument to hold I would
> say all other Apache projects that provide the SOAP stack capability
> should come under ws* as well (such as CXF)
> 4. I don't suppose there is anyone with a secret (evil ;P) agenda of
> becoming the member of two PMC's supporting the split. But as I
> pointed out earlier ws has grown out of its bounds and its time we
> split things up for the sake of managing the complexity. Who we put as
> the chair is a different question and hopefully would be selected the
> democratic way (or by just looking at the mail count :D)
> For my final conclusion I am in support of this proposal.
> Ajith

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