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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Axis2 as TLP
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2008 09:58:25 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 9:21 AM, Samisa Abeysinghe
> <> wrote:
>> -1. They share the same architecture. They do the same this, only the implementation
is different.
>> And they are supposed to work with each other, interop in other words, so they have
lot in common.
> Interoperability is not an argument. Axis is trying hard to be
> interoperable with others as well. 
What is the last time you tested interop with Axis2/C???

> About
> the architecture: Might be, but that doesn't mean, that it is a single
> community in practice.

I am part of Axis2/Java and Axis2/C and you are now trying to leave me 
out of that.
> To convince me, you should give me *more* examples like the following,
> where work actually shared:

Why should I convince you? Have you made the decision already. Rather I 
guess you should convince me, given I am the one who started Axis2/C and 
you are now trying to undo that.
>> It is a fact that, you can interop being disjoint projects. However, we even
>> use the WSDL2Code tool to generate code. If Axis2/Java becomes a separate
>> TLP and can an Axis2/C comittor do changed to that tool?
> What's the problem? I can't see anyone from preventing an Axis2/C
> committer being a
> Axis2/Java committer as well, if he or she is interested in it? My
> expectation would be,
> though, that it is a minority only, who wants it.

We are not a minority, we are part of WS. There are not majority or 
minority in WS PMC. PMCs are PMCs. I am one and I have equal rights.

My question was, I am already a WS commiter, not an Axis2/Java or 
Axis2/C comitter. What happens to me when Axis2 is made a TLP dropping C?

> Jochen

Samisa Abeysinghe

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