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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Axis2 as TLP
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 18:02:43 GMT
Hi dims, all:

Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> For a few years now, there is a growing consensus at the board level
> that a small focused PMC that directly reports to the board is better
> than a huge umbrella PMCs. two umbrella PMC's have already made
> transitions including XML and Jakarta.

+1.  As PMC chair, I've definitely had a challenging time keeping up 
with everything going on in all the subprojects, and from a purely 
practical point of view, the board reports each quarter are pretty darn 

> One reason is that they have found that a small focused PMC/committer
> set takes better care of the code, web site, releases, legal issues
> and basic oversight of day to day workings of a PMC better than a huge
> umbrella PMC. For example, personally i think Synapse has thrived
> after it left the fold.


> Take a look at our web site(s), take a look at our release
> schedules(s) - for all projects, take a look at our bug tracker(s).
> Does anyone see that we are doing an excellent job?

Point taken.

> We need to gather momentum, going TLP is an excellent way to do that.
> A small focused team that is working on a single goal of getting a
> good set of Axis2 related projects going is i think the right way to
> go. I think the Axis2 eco system will do better when we go TLP.

I agree.

> Personally, I'd really like to get all of us committed, willing and
> able to contribute in a much more coordinated fashion then we are
> today. We don't hang out on IRC, no weekly chats, not much forward
> looking discussions, not much enthusiasm or cooperation anymore from
> looking at the mailing lists. I am trying to see if we can jumpstart
> that as well with this proposal.

Well said!  This was an excellent note, dims.

I also very much believe that an Axis2 TLP will help get us focused on 
moving forward.

> fwiw, Juddi and xmlrpc do not have sufficient people on board to go
> TLP as of this moment. Yes, we should try harder to get more people
> involved there or we end up moth-balling them.

Well, yeah - they're certainly not TLP-capable, but as they're already 
subprojects I'd like to put off the decision to moth-ball them for a 
while as long as there is at least one person dedicated to working on 
them... hence the proposal to keep these guys under WS.


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