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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "FrontPage/Woden/WSDLExtensionChanges" by JohnKaputin
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 21:21:51 GMT
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The following page has been changed by JohnKaputin:

The comment on the change is:
added a pre-Woden47 summary

  JIRA WODEN-47 introduces some changes to the Woden API for handling component extensions.
It does not change the API for extension elements and attributes. This page describes these
changes. The new source code is in the 'woden47' branch in the Woden SVN repository. The pre-woden47
WSDL extensions programming model is described on the "WSDL Extensions" wiki page.
- Summary of the changes ...(TBC)
+ === Summary of the original Component extensions model ===
+ Prior to WODEN-47, the API programming model provided read-access to component extension
properties by component by namespace. The {{{ComponentExtensions}}} interface defined a minimal
super-type (just a {{{getNamespace()}}} method), which was sub-typed for each WSDL component
that had extension properties from a particular namespace. For example, {{{SOAPBindingExtensions}}}
or {{{HTTPBindingFaultExtensions}}}. These subtypes would declare accessor methods specific
to the extension properties of those components. For example, the {{{getSoapVersion()}}} and
{{{getSoapMepDefault}}} methods of {{{SOAPBindingExtensions}}}. These subtypes declared a
''static'', compile-time extension property API for each extension namespace by component.
+ The implementation classes for these {{{ComponentExtensions}}} subtypes would need to be
registered with the {{{ExtensionRegistry}}} via the {{{registerComponentExtension}}} method.
For example, {{{SOAPBindingExtensionsImpl}}} or {{{HTTPBindingFaultExtensionsImpl}}}. This
was done automatically for the WSDL 2.0-defined extensions implemented by Woden (WSDLX, RPC,
SOAP, HTTP).  At runtime, Woden would create an instance of the registered implementation
class for each occurrence of the extension namespace and component in the WSDL.
+ {{{WSDLComponent}}}, the super-type of all WSDL 2.0 components, declared the method:
+ {{{getComponentExtensionsForNamespace(NSuri)}}}, which returned the {{{ComponentExtensions}}}
implementation object for the specified extension namespace. The client application could
then use its extension-specific API to access the relevant extension properties.
+ === Summary of the changes ===
+ == Overview of the new Component extensions model ===
- The following UML class diagram provides an overview of the new Component extensions model:

+ The following UML class diagram and the notes that follow it provide an overview of the
new Component extensions model:
  The {{{org.apache.woden.wsdl20.extensions}}} API package contains:

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