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From Kaushalye Kapuruge <>
Subject [Rampart/C] [ANN] Apache Rampart/C 1.1.0 Released
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 13:35:12 GMT
Hi All,
Apache Rampart/C team is pleased to announce the release of Apache 
Rampart/C 1.1
You may download the release from

Key features of the release
1. Ability to send and verify UsernameTokens with
    - Username and PlainText password
    - Username and Digested password
2. Ability to send Timestamp tokens
3. SOAP message encryption
    - With derived key support for improved security
    - Symmetric and Asymmetric modes of operations
    - Support for AES and Tripple DES encryption
    - Signature encryption
    - Keys encryption
4. SOAP message signature
    - XML signature with RSA-SHA1
    - Message authentication with HMAC-SHA1
    - Signature confirmation support
    - SOAP Header signing
5. WS-Security Policy (spec 1.1) based configurations
    - Support for both Symmetric as well as Asymmetric policy bindings
    - Support for different modes of key identifiers
    - Support for different algorithm suites
        [Basic128, Basic 192, Basic256, TrippleDES, Basic128Rsa15, 
Basic192Rsa15,Basic256Rsa15, TripleDesRsa15]
6. Replay detection support
    - Easy to use built-in replay detection module
    - Ability to deploy a customized replay detection module
7. Different protection orders
    - Encrypt before signing
    - Sign before encrypting
8. Extensible modules
    - Password callback module
    - Authentication module
    - Credentials module
9. Keys management
    - Support for X509 token profile
    - Support for Key identifiers, Thumb prints, Issuer/Serial pairs, 
Embedded and Direct references
10. Other
    - Easy to use deployment scripts
    - A comprehensive set of samples

Major Changes Since Last Release
1. MAC support with HMAC-SHA1
2. Derrived key encryption
3. Derived key signing
4. Symmetric policy bindings
5. New security header processor based on SOAP header layout
6. Security policy validator
7. Extensible Replay detection module
8. Signature confirmation support
9. Support for X509 thumb prints
10. Easy to use deployment scripts
11. Memory leak fixes
12. Many bug fixes

Issues can be reported here.

We welcome your early feedback.
Thank you for your interest in Rampart/C.

--Apache Rampart/C Team--


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