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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Trivial Update of "Tuscany/Scenarios" by DanMurphy
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 12:22:42 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DanMurphy:

- =Tuscany Scenarios=
+ = Tuscany Scenarios =
  "Following discussions on dev, here is an first bash at some scenarios"
+ == Enchance an application ==
+ === Example ===
+ A internet service provider has a web site that allows potential new customers to request
their current internet service. The current implementation cannot check if the service is
available in the customers area, so processing the order requires a sales person to check
availability before processing the order. The company wants to reduce this cost and so wants
to add the abillity of the web application to check if the service is available for a customer
in a given area.
+ The abillity to check for availabillity already exists in another IT system owned by the
company. The system has a programmable interface, so re-using this exisiting capabillity makes
good business sense.
- ==Enable an existing asset==
+ == Exposing an existing asset ==
- A valuable existing piece of functionality exists in CPP, Java or PHP. This functionality
is required, or soon will be, by another system and properly others in the future. To make
it easier to reuse this capability it has been decided to expose this functionality as a service.
A well deigned service interface is produced. The interface may be identical to that of the
existing asset, or may be based on a standard. In the case of a standard, a facade will be
required such that the existing assets interface is wrapped to conform to the desired standard.
As a result, the component is ready to be deployed for consumption.
- The motivation behind this is that there are tried and trusted existing IT assets. Exposing
these should reduce cost, risk, redundancy and elapsed time.
- "What about existing assets that are not CPP or Java, eg. JavaScript? Should existing include
a facade, or is this a new service ?"
- ==Create a new service==
+ == Create a new service ==
  A requirement has been identified for a new service that does not exist. This service is
not available, or acceptable, from a third party, so it has been decided to develop the new
service from scratch. The new service may make use of other services.
- *Use a service to provide functionality
+ * Use a service to provide functionality
  A service exists that is required to provide a capability to either a new or existing system.
- *Change the selected service implementation
+ * Change the selected service implementation

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