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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Tuscany/TuscanyJava/SDOJavaReleaseSteps" by KelvinGoodson
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 14:56:16 GMT
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The following page has been changed by KelvinGoodson:

  to sample/pom.xml.  The first chunk gets the source code in there, and the second chunk
allows you to run "java -jar <jarfile>.jar" to
  run the top level sample program.
+ === getting javadoc into the repository for the distribution build to pick up ===
+ {{{
+ nyone got time for a maven question? ant? lresende?
+ 	<ant>	can try but i'm no maven expert
+ 	<kgoodson>	thx
+ 	<kgoodson>	i currently have 5 peer projects, impl, tools, plugin, sample and distribution
+ 	<kgoodson>	distribution can pick up the outputs of the first 4 and package them,
becasue they are in the repository
+ 	<kgoodson>	but if i want javadoc from any of them then i'm not sure what the best
way is of doing that, as currently it would require a releative file path that ascends above
the pom of the distribution project
+ 	<kgoodson>	i was going to put the incantations to create the distribution build in
the pom above the impl, sample etc
+ 	<kgoodson>	but i just thought i'd check to see if there was a clean wayof say putting
the savadoc in the repository so that it could be picked up by the distribution projects pom
+ 	<kgoodson>	s/sava/java/
+ 	<kgoodson>	any thoughts?
+ 	<ant>	bot sure the javadoc could go in the repository, but other no idea sorry
+ 	<ant>	dkulp seems like a maven wizz, maybe he could suggest something
+ 	<kgoodson>	ok, i'll plug on with raising the responsibiliity fo creating the distribution
to the parent pom thanks
+ 	<kgoodson>	ok i'll ping him
+ 	<kgoodson>	ta
+ 	<kgoodson>	dkulp? yy?
+ 	<kgoodson>	yt?
+ 	<kgoodson>	i guess "yy" means "are you you?" Which is a little deep for a Friday
afternoon ;-)
+ 	<dkulp>	Semi here. I have a meeting to run to soon though.
+ 	<kgoodson>	ok, thx, can you see my question about dmaven and javadoc above?
+ 	<kgoodson>	s/dmaven/maven/
+ 	<dkulp>	You can run "mvn javadoc:jar install" top level
+ 	<dkulp>	Then ALL the javadocs would be put in the repository.
+ 	<dkulp>	The distributions could then package them view a "qualifier" on the dependency.
+ 	<kgoodson>	not sure i understand last sentence
+ 	<dkulp>	I mean classifier.
+ 	<dkulp>	Preparing a paste.....
+ 	<kgoodson>	ok, but still having trouble parsing the meaning, sorry
+ 	<kgoodson>	you don't know off-hand where an example might be do you?
+ 	<dkulp>
+ 	<kgoodson>	ta
+ 	<dkulp>	That's a snipit from the CXF distribution pom.xml
+ 	<kgoodson>	many thanks
+ 	<dkulp>	It unpacks the javadoc from the repository into target/javadoc for the assembly
to grab.
+ 	<kgoodson>	heh heh, thx, i'll play
+ 	<dkulp>	Maven dependencies have a options "classifier" (defaults to "jar") to specify
the type of dependency.
+ 	<kgoodson>	i see, so here we override with javadoc
+ 	<dkulp>	There are other types like "test" (you can run "mvn test:jar install" to
get test jars), javadoc, etc...
+ 	<dkulp>	Right
+ 	<dkulp>	Hope that helps.
+ 	<kgoodson>	i think i can see the steps forward to do this, many thanks
+ 	<dkulp>	No problem. :-)
+ }}}

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