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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Tuscany/TuscanyJava/Building/SdoDistroChat" by KelvinGoodson
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 15:41:08 GMT
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The following page has been changed by KelvinGoodson:

  	<kgoodson>	ok, np, perhaps later
  	<jboynes>	10 min?
  	<kgoodson>	sure, thanks
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  	<kgoodson>	lresende did you see that jeremy will be available soon?
  	<lresende>	yes
- 	-->|	sykesm ( has joined #Tuscany
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  	<jboynes>	winding up :)
  	<kgoodson>	ok, great, let us know when you are free
  	<lresende>	i'm ready too kgoodson
@@ -35, +28 @@

  	<jboynes>	sure
  	<lresende>	great
  	<jboynes>	have you had a chance to look at the assembly plugin?
- 	<kgoodson>	i took a look at the web page you mentioned, but have delved into detail
+ 	<kgoodson>	i took a look at the web page you mentioned, but haven't delved into detail
  	<jboynes>	want a quick summary?
  	<kgoodson>	yes please
  	<jboynes>	ok
- 	<jboynes>	what is does is enable you to produce distribution assemblies as part of
the build
+ 	<jboynes>	what it does is enable you to produce distribution assemblies as part of
the build
  	<jboynes>	it gathers together all the files etc. and generates an output archive
as a zip/tgz/rpm etc.
  	<jboynes>	it doesn't compile/test or anything, it really just assembles stuff together
  	<jboynes>	it is configured using two sources: the pom and an assembly descriptor
- 	-->|	ant_ ( has joined #Tuscany
- 	-->|	isilval__ ( has joined #Tuscany
- 	<jboynes>	the pom is a standand maven pom and defines what the dependencies are and
what version to use
+ 	<jboynes>	the pom is a standard maven pom and defines what the dependencies are and
what version to use
  	<jboynes>	the descriptor defines the layout of the distribution archive
  	<jboynes>	so what output directories there are and what files go in them
  	<jboynes>	files come from two sources - things in the assembly project itself or
dependencies in the pom
@@ -53, +44 @@

  	<jboynes>	it is not complete yet ;)
  	<kgoodson>	thats great, but I have been having lots of trouble with svn update today,
so i'll see if i can get it out
  	<lresende>	ok, i'm getting that... i'll take a look
+ ....
- 	<jliu>	kgoodson: what problem do u have today with svn update?
- 	<jliu>	i have a problem with assemply-plugin. i have to change it to version 2.1
- 	<jboynes>	jliu: I added the codehaus repo to the pluginRepo for the sdo distro
- 	<kgoodson>	jliu Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java'
- Error: PROPFIND of '/repos/asf/incubator/tuscany/java': could not connect to
- server (
- 	<kgoodson>	but i has started working now -- we get this quite a bit
- 	<jliu>	ok. that sounds the solution to the assembly-plugin problem. the repository
on maven is bit late than codehaus
- 	<jliu>	kgoodson: i m fine with svn udpate. just done it.
- 	<kgoodson>	yes, me too now, so where do we start, with the pom.xml?
  	<jboynes>	ok, update again :)
  	<jboynes>	I added an empty assembly descriptor as well
+ ....
- 	|<--	ant has left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
- 	<jboynes>	jliu: I added the codehaus repo to the sca distro projects
- 	<jboynes>	I hope that works now
- 	-->|	Venkat (n=svkrish@ has joined #Tuscany
- 	<jliu>	one problem i have with the distribution is that it only generate an extension
for axis2 binding.
- 	<jboynes>	one problem is that is generates an extension for axis2 at all
- 	<jboynes>	but can we take that one to the list
- 	<jboynes>	kgoodson: yes, start with the pom
- 	<jliu>	of course i can change it to use celtix binding. so one solution might be
another assemly file thats generate distribution for celtix binding
  	<kgoodson>	so we just run plain "mvn" against the pom file in distro/sdo yes?
  	<jboynes>	yes that should work
+ ....
- 	<jboynes>	jliu: we should take that to the list :)
- 	<jliu>	ok. to better track it, i ll create a jira
- 	<Venkat>	Hi.. I have a crazy problem with maven.. anybody willing to help
- 	<jboynes>	Venkat: sure if you don't mind being the third concurrent thread here :)
- 	<kgoodson>	jboynes is giving us a great tutorial on assembly descriptors at the mo
- 	<jboynes>	kgoodson: you should have a target/
- 	<jliu>	Venkat: whats the problem. i spent a lot time to struggle with maven today.
  	<jboynes>	if you "jar tvf target/" you should see it contains
license and notice files
  	<kgoodson>	jboynes i get a build error
- 	<Venkat>	well.. its to do with the RMI Binding i posted today.. I am using cglib
jars in that... now when I do a clean build on mvn... the cglib classes do not get resolved
despite proper mention of the cglib dependency in the pom.xml
- 	<Venkat>	on eclipse everything compiles well...
  	<kgoodson>	just investigating -- here it is ...
  	<kgoodson>	Error reading assemblies: Error locating assembly descriptor file: C:\Development\Tortoise\1\distribution\sdo\src\main
@@ -97, +63 @@

  	<kgoodson>	np, rebuilding now :-)
  	<kgoodson>	yes, i see the zip files in target now
  	<jboynes>	ok, so we have the plugin executing and building an archive based on the
- 	<jliu>	venkat: have u committed the change to svn? if so, we can try to build it
on our side
  	<jboynes>	the legal files are added by the <fileSets> element in the descriptor
  	<kgoodson>	ok, i see that
  	<jboynes>	you can add any files you want from this module
  	<jboynes>	useful for readmes and other things that relate to the distro
- 	<Venkat>	no.. I have just posted the patch to a Jira... and Ant has assigned that
to himself...
- 	<ant_>	jliu, i've not committed it yet. think i may just commit it as is but take
it out of the bindings pom for now
  	<jboynes>	the other element in there is <dependencySets> which allow you to
add dependencies from the pom
  	<jboynes>	and which also add all transitive deps as well
  	<jboynes>	so lets add the sdo impl
  	<kgoodson>	sounds good!
  	<jboynes>	first we declare a dependency in the pom
- 	<jliu>	ant: did u give cglib an explicit version number in pom? i found sometimes
maven can not resolve the right version if let itself to figure out the so called "shortest
depth version"
+ ...   insert ...
+ Index: pom.xml
+ ===================================================================
+ --- pom.xml     (revision 430389)
+ +++ pom.xml     (working copy)
+ @@ -24,9 +24,17 @@
+      <description>Tuscany Distribution for SDO.</description>
+      <properties>
+ -        <sca.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sca.version>
+ +        <sdo.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sdo.version>
+      </properties>
+ +    <dependencies>
+ +        <dependency>
+ +            <groupId>org.apache.tuscany</groupId>
+ +            <artifactId>tuscany-sdo-impl</artifactId>
+ +            <version>${sdo.version}</version>
+ +        </dependency>
+ +    </dependencies>
+ +
+      <pluginRepositories>
+          <pluginRepository>
+              <id>apache-snapshot</id>
+ ... end insert ...
  	<kgoodson>	got that thanks
  	<jboynes>	and then we include the dependency in the assembly
- 	<ant_>	it has an explicit version. it seems to find it and download it ok
+ ... insert ...
+ Index: src/main/assembly/sdo.xml
+ ===================================================================
+ --- src/main/assembly/sdo.xml   (revision 430393)
+ +++ src/main/assembly/sdo.xml   (working copy)
+ @@ -33,6 +33,13 @@
+      </fileSets>
+      <dependencySets>
+ +        <dependencySet>
+ +            <outputDirectory>lib</outputDirectory>
+ +            <includes>
+ +                <include>org.apache.tuscany:tuscany-sdo-impl</include>
+ +            </includes>
+ +            <fileMode>644</fileMode>
+ +        </dependencySet>
+      </dependencySets>
+  </assembly>
+ Index: pom.xml
+ ===================================================================
+ --- pom.xml     (revision 430389)
+ +++ pom.xml     (working copy)
+ @@ -24,9 +24,17 @@
+      <description>Tuscany Distribution for SDO.</description>
+      <properties>
+ -        <sca.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sca.version>
+ +        <sdo.version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</sdo.version>
+      </properties>
+ +    <dependencies>
+ +        <dependency>
+ +            <groupId>org.apache.tuscany</groupId>
+ +            <artifactId>tuscany-sdo-impl</artifactId>
+ +            <version>${sdo.version}</version>
+ +        </dependency>
+ +    </dependencies>
+ +
+      <pluginRepositories>
+          <pluginRepository>
+              <id>apache-snapshot</id>
+ ... end insert ...
  	<kgoodson>	ok
  	<jboynes>	(update to get the changes)
  	<kgoodson>	done
@@ -132, +167 @@

  	<kgoodson>	so juyst to be clear, that's under distribution/sdo/src/main
  	<jboynes>	yes
  	<jboynes>	e.g src/main/distrib/bin/foo.bat
- 	<jliu>	ant: then probably u can commit rmi binding with rmi module commented out
from pom, so that other guys can try it out to see how it goes
- 	|<--	sykesm has left ("Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?")
  	<jboynes>	and add src/main/distrib as the source for the fileset with outputDirectory
  	<jboynes>	that will copy all files from src/main/distrib into the output archive
  	<jboynes>	or you might have src/main/bin as a separate fileset with the execute bit
set (mode 755)

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