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From John Kaputin <>
Subject Re: [ATTN: Release Managers] 3 binding +1's for a Release from PMC folks
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 13:43:31 GMT
The Woden M5 vote returned only 1 binding +1 vote from an Incubator PMC
member ... you.

It has +1 votes from Jeremy Hughes and Tom Jordahl who are both WS PMC
members. Are these binding for M5 or does Woden require binding votes from
Incubator PMC members only. If so I'll post again for an Incubator vote.

John Kaputin

             <                                          To 
             31/05/2006 11:53                                              
                                       [ATTN: Release Managers] 3 binding  
             Please respond to         +1's for a Release from PMC folks   

Dear Release Managers,

[Sorry for the cross post!]

Please don't make a release unless there are 3 binding votes from pmc
members. We need it for legal purposes.

There is one more quirk about what we actually vote on. HTTPD pmc
votes on a svn tag and then the release managers cut binaries
corresponding to that tag. We tend to vote on a feature list and then
release managers make it happen.Again this is also for legal purposes
to make sure that there is proper oversight on what gets into a
release.  I am still finding out how other projects do it. Your
suggestions are welcome! Please post only to general@ws for discussion
to ensure maximum participation.


Davanum Srinivas :

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