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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Tuscany/TuscanyJava/Design/SDO/ChangeSummary" by KelvinGoodson
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 14:46:43 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Ws Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by KelvinGoodson:

  == Queries ==
   * I don't suppose this is the case,  but just to clarify, if a Type is open and a ChangeSummary
instance is attached to  an instance my assumption is that this would not trigger change recording
+  * how do you trigger DocumentRoot to be a class that supports change tracking? A global
element of the type ChangeSummaryType? -- A little quirky!
   * The spec says that a ChangeSummaryType must be isMany=false and readOnly=true,  but the
example on P 78 doesnt show that explicitly.  Does that mean that these are the normal defaults
(can't be!), or that we apply special defaults,  or that the example is wrong.
    * Answer, p. 94 shows special defaulting behaviour of XSD to SDO mapping, readOnly=true.
   * The existing Tuscany source file for ChangeSummaryImpl is generated, but I can't find
an xsd for it.  Is it necessary to go back to the xsd that was used orignally to generate
ChangeSummaryImpl?  I can't find that.
@@ -29, +30 @@

  ==== Issues/Things I can see that would need to be done ====
+  * model definition
+   * how do you trigger DocumentRoot to be a class that supports change tracking? A global
element of the type?
   * run time
    * permit dynamic type creation with change summary attribute
      * update class to indicate change summary tracking possible
      * create new attribute with
    * the default value for a ChangeSummary is not null.  It is a ChangeSummaryImpl with logging
set to on/off -- check which it is?
+    * when does the ChangeSummary get instantiated (if default is loggin is on , then it
makes sense to do it in the factory)
    * change getter behaviour on DataObject to look for CS on DO
     * implementation will walk up the containment links towards the root,  looking for a
ChangeSummary attribute.
     * cycle over attributes, checking for type = ChangeSummaryType (or instanceType = ChangeSummaryImpl?)
@@ -42, +46 @@

     *e.g. no overlap (how do I guard that? -- something in existing presence of Notification?)
   * generator
    * is there anything out of the ordinary that the generator must do?
+   * could have get<ChangeSummary>() implement the defaulting behaviour at the top
   * meta model (saving this stuff about metamodel here - although I think it is irrelevant
and misguided,  but I may change my mind)
    * Is there a change required in the metamodel to support this?
    * can the behaviour change be implemented without a change to the meta model? (Yes, I
think so)
@@ -67, +72 @@

  It wouldn't be appropriate from a memory footprint perspective to symmetrically inflate
the DataObject with an instance member in the way that DataGraph has one. So the Type will
cache the ChangeSummary property.
+ == Implementation Work ==
+ new basic test schema
+ {{{
+ <xsd:schema 
+   targetNamespace=""
+   xmlns:xsd=""
+   xmlns:sdo="commonj.sdo" 
+   xmlns:chg=""> 
+    <xsd:element name="class" type="chg:simpleTrackedType"/>
+    <xsd:complexType name="simpleTrackedType" >
+      <xsd:sequence>
+        <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" />
+        <xsd:element name="changeSummary" type="sdo:ChangeSummaryType" /> 
+      </xsd:sequence>
+    </xsd:complexType>
+ </xsd:schema>
+ }}}

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