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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Tuscany/Tasks" by JeanSebastienDelfino
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 16:42:28 GMT
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The following page has been changed by JeanSebastienDelfino:

  '''This is NOT a project plan. This is just a tentative list of tasks for discussion on
our next IRC chat on Monday 04/17'''
- == Web Services ==
+ == Web Services Binding ==
-   * 
+   * Test our current Web Services binding with the SOAP test suites at
and, and fix the bugs that they will uncover :)
+   * Develop additional test cases talking to more complex services available on the web
from google, ebay, amazon for example.
+   * Code cleanup, we need to improve exception handling, the algorithm to match WSDL operations,
change calls to the assembly model to use the Context API instead.
+   * Port the registration of the WS entry point code to the new host api
+   * Port the WS binding implementation to the new protocol and transport binding APIs
+   * Use the data binding API instead of hardcoding the use of SDO 
+   * Integrate support for WS-RM?
+ == Extensibility API ==
+   * Atomic component implementation extensions - allowing people to extend Tuscany and plug
in additional atomic component implementation types (Java, Javascript, other languages)
+     Replace builder registry list by a system service, separate out the creation of proxy
factories in a separate builder, and adjust the existing extensions to the updated API.
+   * Composite component impl extensions
+     Same idea for composite component implementations
+     Demonstrate the pluggability with a Spring composite implementation type
+   * Protocol binding extensions
+     Used by the Axis2, Celtix and Jsonrpc bindings
+   * Transport binding extensions
+     Used by the Axis2, Celtix and Jsonrpc bindings
+   * Data binding extensions
+     Handle metadata/schema registration, property configuration, serialization
+     Adjust the Axis2 and Celtix bindings to use this
+   * Policy extensions?
+     Start with a simple Reliability policy extension, which may be used by the WS binding
+   * Wiring extensions
+     Allowing additional interceptors to be contributed to the invocation chains
+   * Host pluggability
+     Required by the WS bindings to install themselves in the web apps

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