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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "FrontPage/Axis2/SessionMgmtProposal" by RajithAttapattu
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 17:11:16 GMT
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The following page has been changed by RajithAttapattu:

  Our idea is to introduce a concept of session management that goes beyond ServiceGroupContext
and spans beyond several service groups during a session with a client.
- For that we introduce UserContext.
+ For that I propose an independent lightweight session management module
  === Use Cases ===
@@ -70, +70 @@

  === The Proposal ===
- We would like to propose a UserContext that would be able to bridge the gap between different
2..n seperate service groups. A UserContext would hold one or more ServiceGroupContexts and
WebServices that is deployed in User Scope (The name can be changed if it doesn't suit :)
) will have accessed to the UserContext to share the info.
+ Based on Srinaths comments and disscussion threads the initial proposal of UserContext was
discarded and an independent Session Management module was introduced.
+ It's a layered architecture with 4 main interfaces.
+ Session
+ SessionManager
+ SessionIdFactory
+ SessionManagerFactory
+ The idea was to enable the extention of the session model to support fail over and clustering
+ There is a code and documentation patch provided in JIRA and discussions are going on in
the mailling list.
- We are only proposing the concept/design and not the implementation details. The implementation
will be done in a manner that is consistent with the existing Axis2 architecture to accomodate
the above proposal.
- For soap client we will provide a SOAP header in the form of a session id.
- This session id will be mapped to ServiceGroupContext id if it's Session Scope and UserContext
id if it's User Scope.
- We also think of providing a Unified Interface to the Service Authors wehether the services
are deployed in Session Scoped or User Scoped. This is a nice to have from an Architectural
point of view. Bcos if the Service Author decides to switch between the two then he can do
it with minimal code change.
  == Comments ==
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