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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Fwd: (Pending) account requests
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:39:45 GMT
FYI. PLEASE be careful before sending a request for an new account.
Please read the guidelines in the url below (and the gentle request
from leo as well :)

-- dims

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From: Leo Simons <>
Date: Aug 18, 2005 2:59 PM
Subject: (Pending) account requests

Dear PMCs,

Please do not reply to this message but read it completely.

If you have an account request pending and it is not for

  Robert Goene
  Ravi Palepu
  Juan Núñez Jaramillo
  Colm MacCarthaigh
  Andreas Steinmetz
  John Kelly

please act as if root@ did not receive the request. We probably did but
root@ is as always very busy. I have just (finally!) been added to the
alias, and will go and do another round of account creation over the
weekend if it turns out there's valid requests pending.

If you do have an account pending for one of the people above, you
should go and smack yourselves on the head, hide in a corner for a
little bit, then resolve to buy all the infrastructure people some beer,
since it means you didn't follow documented procedure by filing a
request with root@ before a CLA had been recorded by the ASF Secretary,
thereby causing uneccessary work for root@ and delaying and frustrating
the entire process significantly.

Documented procedure for new account requests can be found at

and has been available there for a long time. There is *no* excuse for
not following it. In the future, if an account request is sent to root@
on behalf of your PMC without a CLA having been recorded, either your
request will be silently ignored or you will be shouted at loudly for
causing unneccessary work, after which the request will still be ignored.

Thanks for continued patience and understanding, beer, and *especially*
for actually Reading The F****** Manual.



Davanum Srinivas : - Oxygenating The Web Service Platform

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