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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: RFC: ws-commons
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 07:23:43 GMT
On 5/2/05, Srinath Perera <> wrote:

> AFAIK what we expect form the commons xml thing is not to make the
> JAXME work on the commns XSD model but Axis to work on it, without
> binding Axis to XMLBeans or JAXME. I would rather love to see that
> interface expose normalize set of information. e.g. Attribute Groups
> to resolved attibutes ect, rather that showing the what is in schema
> XML file as it is.
> I think that can be achived relatively easily by wrapping, assuming
> that the both expose the same set of information to outside.

Srinath, the JaxMeXS layer was written specifically for presenting a
simplified view to the user. For example, substitution groups are
already presented as choice groups. In other words, if attribute
groups aren't already resolved to attributes, I have absolutely no
problem to make this optional.

Besides, if you specify an interface (which should obviously be done
first) and add that to ws-commons, it should be no problem to write an


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