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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: reserved web space for names URIs?
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 15:49:12 GMT
Hi Anne,

> Hmmm ... 
> A namespace URI is a name. Is "Sanjiva" evil? It seems pretty flat to
> me, unstructured, and unresolvable wthout global knowledge. But it
> seems to work pretty well. Pretty much everyone working in this space
> can recognize and resolve the name "Sanjiva". The reason I like URNs
> is that they aren't resolvable, and therefore it's clear that they
> are, in fact, names.

Ah I see your reasoning. OTOH you, with your built in semantic (Web ;-))
processor (aka your brain) know how to associate semantics/information
to names intelligently. The advantage of making namespace names
resolvable is to provide the really brain-dead, as dumb, browser-like
software to deliver some (potentially semantic) information about the
namespace name to the user. Without that ability, its just a flat opaque
string and that's it.

> But that's just my opinion. Who am I to argue with the likes of TimBL
> and Tim Bray?

:-) I didn't follow all the religious debate on this topic that happened
on the TAG mailing list but I know it was far from a decision that was
arrived at quickly or easily. I'm pretty should Tim Bray was for it
(after all he's the/a driver of RDDL) but I'm certain you're in
distinguished company.


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