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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ws Wiki] Update of "Frontpage/Axis2/f2f 2/Scribe31" by DeepalJayasinghe
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 09:47:36 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DeepalJayasinghe:

  [14:00]<sanjiva_> Note: handler programming model will say its not a good idea to
do the above (and if you do then all bets are off) .. we won't write code that will check
  [14:03]  *** dasarath joined #apache-axis
  [14:04]  *** Jaliya quit FreeNode : Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
+ <Srinath> we are going to have MEPContext
+ [14:38]<Srinath> when the service/opeariation is dispatched if it is create a new
MEPcontext or find existing one
+ [14:40]<Srinath> the MEPcontext can be asked from the WSDLOperation
+ [14:45]  *** Jaya quit FreeNode : Remote closed the connection
+ [14:49]<Deepal> glen drawing MEP diagram
+ [14:50]<Deepal> how to identify the MEP and how provider work according to the MEP
+ [15:02]<Srinath> the the client side either call or the Dispatcher/addressing handler
find MEP context
+ [15:02]  *** foxsden joined #apache-axis
+ [15:04]<Srinath> Recap:now the opeation is going to executable
+ [15:04]<Srinath> we are going to generate it or
+ [15:05]<Srinath> have inbuild ones for the default ones like IN-Only, IN-OUT
+ [15:05]<Srinath> that would be picked in
+ [15:06]<Chinthaka> Introducing a MEPContext
+ [15:07]<Chinthaka> MEPContext is there to hold all the related messageContexts per
+ [15:08]<Chinthaka> this will ease the task of finding the related other messages for
a particular message
+ [15:08]<Chinthaka> for example, in IN-OUT 
+ [15:09]<Chinthaka> out handlers may need to accesss the IN message contexts
+ [15:09]<Chinthaka> the MEPContext will provide the handlers with that
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