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From Manoj Mallawaarachchie <>
Subject Re: WELCOME to
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 06:41:22 GMT
Hi All,

I'm working with one of the UCSE final year student with his project. I have
him a idea of creatinga HTTP gateway base on SOAP messaging which allow to
connect 3 rd parties to SMSC(Short message Service Center)  via
HTTP/SOAP.( Act as a web proxy gateway)
my idea is to do some protocol convertion SMPP(SMSC communication with 3rd
parties in TCP/IP)  to SOAP message and handle it. So 3rd parties need know
SOAP message format and  define command set.

Because now a days  we have to allow 3rd parties to connect SMSC drectly in
TCP/IP. My objective is connect those are via Internet and Telecom
independent protocol like SOAP.

Please let  me know what you think about this project , I hope to continue
this project as a open source project.

Can we discuss about this .? I need some help on designing the gateway .

One of the challanges are .

1) Need to get the delivery report of the message, so need some state full
communication channel with proxy gateway. (So need to use some TCP sockets)

2) Need to capture User request , it also need some statefull communication

My simple desigh as follows:

3rd party supplier--(1) Internet---(2)----Ws Proxy for
SMSC----(3)---SMSC(mobile operater network)
Interface discription :

1.) 3rd party supplier.
2. proposed WS-SMS proxy gateway
3.) SMSC which reside in mobile operaters private network. and Working
with SMPP 3.4 protocol

Please give some guidelines for designing this gateway, or propose
better design.

Best regards,

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