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Subject [Apache Web Services Wiki] New: FrontPage/Axis/AxisSamples/AxisBooks
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 01:14:36 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-11T17:14:36
   Editor: ToshiyukiKimura
   Wiki: Apache Web Services Wiki
   Page: FrontPage/Axis/AxisSamples/AxisBooks

   Importing old wiki ...

New Page:

'''Axis Related Books (Newest to Oldest)'''

 * [ Apache Axis Live] by James Goodwin, Sourcebeat,
 * Programming Apache Axis by Chris Haddad, Kevin Bedell, Paul Brown, Davanum Srinivas, Dion
Almaer, Oreilly, NOT YET RELEASED. 
 * [,id,61,nodeid,8,_language,de.html Java Web Services
mit Apache Axis] (German) by Dapeng Wang (Hrsg.), Thomas Bayer, Thilo Frotscher, Marc Teufel,
Software & Support Verlag, May 2004. 
 * [ Google, Amazon, and Beyond: Creating
and Consuming Web Services] by Alexander Nakhimovsky & Tom Myers, APress, December 2003.

 * [ Professional XML Development
with Apache Tools: Xerces, Xalan, FOP, Cocoon, Axis, Xindice] by Theodore W. Leung, Wrox Press,
December 2003. 
 * [ "J2EE" Security for Servlets, EJBs and Web Services] by
Pankaj Kumar, Prentice Hall, September 2003. 
  A book on using Java security APIs, tools and mechanisms for building secure enterprise
applications. The chapter on [
Web Services Security] uses Axis-1.1RC1 for illustrations. Besides Web Services, it covers
security aspects of Java RMI, Servlet and JSP based Web Applications and EJBs.
 * [,4096,0131014021,00.html "J2EE" Platform
Web Services] by Ray Lai, Prentice Hall PTR, August 2003.
 * [,4096,0321185773,00.html Web Services:
A Manager's Guide] by Anne Thomas Manes, Addison-Wesley, June 2003.
  Not a book for geeks, but talks how Web Services has been put to use. Anne is a frequent
and valuable contributor to the Axis lists. An [
excerpt] from this book is available on Web Services Journal.
 * [ Web Services Patterns: Java Edition]
by Paul B. Monday, APress, April 2003. 
 * [ Cross-Platform Web Services Using
C# and Java] by Brian Hochgurtel, Charles River Media, March 2003. 
 * Using SOAP Between ASP and Java Applications Having Complex Data by Keith Shaffer, Wrox,
October 2002. 
 * Beginning Java Web Services by Meeraj Kunnumpurath et al, Wrox Press, September 2002. 
 * Java development with Ant by Erik Hatcher and Steve Loughran, Manning Press, July 2002.

  A book on Ant development which covers Web Service development with Axis, along with other
topics relevant to Java developers using Ant. The Web Service chapter is free to download,
and was the birthplace of happyaxis.jar. The book is based on Axis Beta-2; the web site contains
updated documentation where appropriate.
 * [ AXIS: Next
Generation Java SOAP] by Romin Irani and S Jeelani Bashna, Wrox Press/APress, May 2002. 
  The first nothing-but-Axis book. It is based on Beta-1. This is a reasonable book, despite
is apparent thinness and relative age. If it has a major weakness it believes everything works
as intended, which regular Axis users will know is not quite true yet. Maybe they didn't want
to fault missing features and other gotchas, assuming they would be fixed by the time the
product shipped, but the effective result is that you can get into minor trouble working from
this book, trying to use bits that aren't there, or just don't work (yet). A [
sample chapter] on Handlers is available online.  
  [ Review]
 * Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI by Steve Graham
et al, December 2001. 
  Covering very early versions of Axis along with other aspects of Web Service technologies.
One of the authors, Glen Daniels, is an Axis committer and active contributor, so the quality
of the Axis coverage is high. Good explanations of SOAP, UDDI, and the like.

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