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Subject [Apache Web Services Wiki] New: FrontPage/Axis/Diagnostics
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:16:25 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-11T02:16:25
   Editor: ToshiyukiKimura
   Wiki: Apache Web Services Wiki
   Page: FrontPage/Axis/Diagnostics

   Importing old wiki ...

New Page:

'''Diagnosing Axis problems'''

'''Server side'''

 * Does {{{HappyAxis.jsp}}} run? If it doesn't, you may have XML parser version problems.
 * Is {{{HappyAxis}}} happy? You must have all needed libraries.
 * Are the optional libraries you need present? Attachments do not work without extra libraries.
 * Can you list the services? 

Common server-side problems are 

 1. missing libraries 
 1. libraries not in the right place 
 1. XML parser not 100% compatible with Axis. SeeXML Parser Notes for details. 
 1. Multiple XML parsers in the classpath. Just plain trouble. 

'''Admin Client'''

A lot of people have problems with this, compounded by difficulty making sense of the error

The Admin Client app uses SOAP to talk to the (localhost) copy of Axis. By default it talks
to http://localhost:8080/axis/services/Admin . If your application server is on a different
port, or Axis is hosted under a different webapp name than Axis, you are going to get an error.
Probably an HTTP error code like 404 or 302, all bundled up in a dump of the {{{AxisFault
exception}}} raised. 

Point your web browser at the "endpoint" that you expect the client to run against it. If
you dont get the 'there is a service here' message, the {{{AdminClient}}} wont run. 


The common client problems are 

Setting up the classpath. Remember to include mail.jar and activation.jar when you want attachments,
and get the right XML parser. See [
XML Parser Notes] for details. 
Setting up the proxy. You need to set the properties {{{http.proxyHost}}} and {{{http.proxyPort}}}
to point to the host:port configuration of the system. See [
How to Configure a Proxy] for further tips. 

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