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Subject cvs commit: ws-axis/site/src4forrest-060/java/src/documentation README.txt skinconf.xml
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 09:41:54 GMT
toshi       2005/01/27 01:41:54

  Added:       site/src4forrest-060/java/src/documentation README.txt
  Migration for Forrest 0.6
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  ws-axis/site/src4forrest-060/java/src/documentation/README.txt
  Index: README.txt
  This is the base documentation directory. It usually contains two files:
  skinconf.xml     # This file customizes Forrest for your project. In it, you
                   # tell forrest the project name, logo, copyright info, etc
  sitemap.xmap     # Optional. This sitemap overrides the default one bundled
                   # with Forrest. Typically, one would copy a sitemap from
                   # xml-forrest/src/resources/conf/sitemap.xmap, and customize
                   # it.
  1.1                  ws-axis/site/src4forrest-060/java/src/documentation/skinconf.xml
  Index: skinconf.xml
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  Skin configuration file. This file contains details of your project, which will
  be used to configure the chosen Forrest skin.
  <!DOCTYPE skinconfig [
    <!ENTITY % links.att 'name CDATA #REQUIRED'>
    <!ENTITY % link.att 'name CDATA #REQUIRED href CDATA #REQUIRED'>
    <!ELEMENT skinconfig (disable-search?, disable-print-link?, disable-pdf-link?,
    disable-xml-link?, disable-compliance-links?, searchsite-domain?, searchsite-name?,
    project-name, project-url, project-logo, group-name?, group-url?, group-logo?,
    host-url?, host-logo?, year?, vendor?, trail?, toc?, credits?)*>
    <!ELEMENT credits (credit*)>
    <!ELEMENT credit (name, url, image?, width?, height?)>
    <!-- id uniquely identifies the tool, and role indicates its function -->
    <!ATTLIST credit id   CDATA #IMPLIED
                     role CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!ELEMENT disable-search (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT disable-print-link (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT disable-pdf-link (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT disable-xml-link (#PCDATA)>    
    <!ELEMENT disable-compliance-links (#PCDATA)>   
    <!ELEMENT searchsite-domain (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT searchsite-name (#PCDATA)>  
    <!ELEMENT project-name (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT project-url (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT project-logo (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT group-name (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT group-url (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT group-logo (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT host-url (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT host-logo (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT year (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT vendor (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT trail (link1, link2, link3)>
    <!ELEMENT link1 EMPTY>
    <!-- Seems we can't use param entity refs until this is DTDified -->
    <!ELEMENT link2 EMPTY>
    <!ELEMENT link3 EMPTY>
    <!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT url (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT image (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT width (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT height (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT toc EMPTY>
    <!ATTLIST toc level CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <!-- Do we want to disable the Google search box? -->
    <!-- Do we want to disable the print link? -->
    <!-- Do we want to disable the PDF link? -->
    <!-- Do we want to disable the xml source link? -->
    <!-- Do we want to disable w3c compliance links? -->
    <!-- mandatory project logo
         skin: forrest-site renders it at the top -->
    <project-name>The Apache Axis Project</project-name>
    <!-- Alternative static image:
    <project-logo>images/project-logo.gif</project-logo> -->
    <!-- optional group logo
         skin: forrest-site renders it at the top-left corner -->
    <group-name>The Apache WebServices Project</group-name>
    <!-- Alternative static image:
    <group-logo>images/group-logo.gif</group-logo> -->
    <!-- optional host logo (e.g. sourceforge logo)
         skin: forrest-site renders it at the bottom-left corner -->
    <!-- The following are used to construct a copyright statement -->
    <vendor>The Apache Software Foundation</vendor>
    <!-- Some skins use this to form a 'breadcrumb trail' of links. If you don't
    want these, set the attributes to blank. The DTD purposefully requires them.
      <link1 name="Apache" href=""/>
      <link2 name="WS" href=""/>
      <link3 name="" href=""/>
    <!-- Configure how many "section" levels need to be included in the
    generated Table of Contents (TOC). By default, if no toc element is provided
    below, then 2 levels are included. Level 0 does not generate any TOC at all.
    <toc level="2"/>
    <!-- Credits are typically rendered as a set of small clickable images in the
    page footer -->
        <name>Built with Apache Forrest</name>
      <!-- A credit with @role='pdf' will have its name and url displayed in the
      PDF page's footer. -->

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