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From Dan Tenenbaum <>
Subject documentation and client requirements
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 23:02:41 GMT

Where is the documentation for the addressing package on

Also, do clients of web addressing services need to do anything 
differently than they normally would in order to be able to use stateful 

I am building some web services and one of the important requirements is 
that it be possible for other people to be able to develop clients in a 
variety of languages (including but not limited to java, ruby, perl, C#, 
R and Matlab) with a minimum of effort. That is to say, if a language 
has an easy way to read a WSDL and make calls against it, that should be 
all the client developer needs to do. If they need to do more in order 
to support stateful endpoints, then I cannot use this solution.

More generally, since (according to my understanding, please correct me 
if I'm wrong) neither the soap 1.1 nor 1.2 spec say anything about 
session management, there is no way to support it without doing 
something on both the client and server end that is outside the soap 
spec. Is this a correct assertion?

Thanks in advance for your answers....

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