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From "Timothy I. McGinnis" <>
Subject MalFormedURL exception
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 20:23:09 GMT

I really do apologize about this folks, I know I should spend more time
learning this.

After compiling the WS-Addressing jar I added the following code to my

        AddressingHeaders headers = new AddressingHeaders();
        try {
          Action a = new Action(new
          EndpointReference epr = new
        } catch (MalformedURIException e) {

Now I am getting a MalFormed URI Exception.  Any ideas?

15:51:40,244 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart ctor(FORM_SOAPENVELOPE)
15:51:40,246 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Setting current message form to:
FORM_SOAPENVELOPE (currentMessage is now
15:51:40,247 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Exit: SOAPPart ctor()
15:51:40,248 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::getAsSOAPEnvelope()
15:51:40,249 DEBUG [SOAPPart] current form is FORM_SOAPENVELOPE
15:51:40,496 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::getAsSOAPEnvelope()
15:51:40,496 DEBUG [SOAPPart] current form is FORM_SOAPENVELOPE
15:51:40,725 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::saveChanges
15:51:40,925 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Setting current message form to:
FORM_OPTIMIZED (currentMessage is now org.apache.axis.utils.ByteArray)
15:51:40,926 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Exit: SOAPPart::saveChanges():
15:51:40,926 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::saveChanges
15:51:40,927 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::saveChanges
15:51:41,987 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::saveChanges
15:51:42,531 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart ctor(FORM_INPUTSTREAM)
15:51:42,532 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Setting current message form to:
FORM_INPUTSTREAM (currentMessage is now
15:51:42,532 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Exit: SOAPPart ctor()
15:51:46,875 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Enter: SOAPPart::getAsSOAPEnvelope()
15:51:46,888 DEBUG [SOAPPart] current form is FORM_INPUTSTREAM
15:51:47,694 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Setting current message form to:
FORM_SOAPENVELOPE (currentMessage is now
15:51:47,695 DEBUG [SOAPPart] Exit: SOAPPart::getAsSOAPEnvelope
15:56:28,468 ERROR [AddressingHandler] Exception in AddressingHandler
org.apache.axis.types.URI$MalformedURIException: Cannot initialize URI with
empty parameters.
      at org.apache.axis.types.URI.initialize(
      at org.apache.axis.types.URI.<init>(
      at org.apache.axis.types.URI.<init>(
      at org.apache.axis.message.addressing.Action.<init>(

Tim McGinnis
Software Developer
Amisys Synertech Inc.
Voice: (717) 703-6427

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