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From Sven Meier <s...@meiers.net>
Subject Re: wicket-dnd and link multiple items at once
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2018 19:26:54 GMT
Hi Dirk,

wicket-dev doesn't know anything about selection.

You could do that by yourself, keeping track of clicked items while a control key is held.

When the actual dragNdrop operation is performed, your DragSource can put all selected items
into the Transfer and the DropTarget can retrieve the transferred items.

This is a rough idea only as I haven't tried this actually.

Have fun

Am 12. März 2018 13:18:12 MEZ schrieb Dirk Forchel <dirk.forchel@exedio.com>:
>I've a question regarding the Wicket drag'n'drop library. We're using
>library successfully in order to link items with other items (the only
>operation allowed is a LINK operation) between to different panels (or
>container). It works quite well and I'm a bit curious about the way how
>support multiple "link" operations at once. Instead of clicking on an
>on the left container and dragging this item to the right container and
>releasing the mouse button, I'd like to hold an extra button to support
>"multiple" item copy operations.
>I could imagine that pressing the "ALT"-key and holding this key could
>a link operation from the left container to the right as long as the
>key gets pressed. Releasing the this key would stop the whole copy
>I'm not sure whether this would be possible with the current release
>(wicket-dnd 0.7.3). For any hint I would be very grateful.
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