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From SeldonCrisis <nmbara...@gmail.com>
Subject Setting focus on a ModalWindow title
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2018 21:15:54 GMT
Hey Everyone, 

I'm having some difficulties with *ModalWindow*. I need a way to set the
HTML Focus to the title of the *ModalWindow *when it pops up, but so far
nothing has worked for me. 

1. I have tried adding an *AjaxEventBehavior ("onload")* to my modal window,
but that did not work. Neither did *("onchange")* or *("onblur")*.

2. I have also tried appending javascript to the target when invoking the
ModalWindow's *show()* method:

...but unfortunately this.getMarkupId() is referring to the div holding the
wicket component:

...and not the actual Modal Window itself, which is dynamically creating
id's like so:

3. I have also tried using *AjaxRequestTarget.focusComponent()*:

...where *child()* is simply returning the first component in the hierarchy
that is not a WebMarkupContainer:

Using the Wicket Ajax Debug window, we can see that my 3rd attempt did
successfully fire some javascript to set focus: 

BUT when I use the Internet Explorer developer tools and run
*document.activeElement*, I am returned the entire body of the web page,
meaning there is no focus set.

If anyone can think of a way to set focus on the modal window title, or a
way to hardcode id's for different parts of the modal window, please help me
out. Thanks! 

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