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From Илья Нарыжный <phan...@ydn.ru>
Subject WicketStuff status and future; awesome-wicket project
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2016 00:38:23 GMT

Please help me understand what's status of wicketstuff project and
what's a roadmap for the future?

I'm asking, because from community stand point I don't see so much pros.


1) It's easy to have all wicket related projects in place and observe at once.

But this pros can be easily done by creating a library of links to all
wicket related project. What else do you have in mind?

List of cons is longer:

1) It's hard to manage issues baceuse there are multiple projects and
multiple authors.
2) It's expected that versions of wicketstuff projects are in sync
with wicket version. But in reality, as I can see, significant part of
projects update just pom.xml to a newer version. So: it brings
redundant versions for those projects
3) Hard to search. Yes - google can find everything, but on github
it's much more reasonable to have separate repository per project.
4) When project jumps to wicketstuff: all dependencies should be
updated. And sometimes it's not easy: for example if you include
ProjectA which includes ProjectB and projectB jump to wicketstuff.
5) And finally: most of projects are already outdated and not
supported by authors

For my own purposes I started to collect wicket related projects here:
Collection of links might be move beneficial for the community rather
that moving everything under single project (WicketStuff), I think.



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