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From Martin Grigorov <mgrigo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Google AppEngine Initializer and Wicket 6?
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 06:18:18 GMT

This is the way wicketstuff-gae-initializer works since its day 1.
Branch 1.5.x also uses IInitializer:
AFAIK there were no changes in this module for a very long time:

Any errors in the logs?

Martin Grigorov
Wicket Training and Consulting

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 11:44 PM, Christopher Merrill <
chris@webperformance.com> wrote:

> (Is this the right place for this question? Should I raise an issue on
> WicketStuff instead?)
> Curious to see if anyone is doing this and what your level of success is?
> I ask because we have a Wicket/GAE app that we recently moved up to Wicket
> 6 and we're experiencing a lot of spontaneous problems that are kinda hard
> to explain and hard to reproduce.
> Examples:
> 1. Clicking a simple link (sometimes) returns to the same page, rather than
> following the link with a very basic implementation such as:
>     Link.onClick(): setResponsePage(((BaseApplication)
> getApplication()).getSignInPageClass());
> When this happens, it happens consistently (i.e. I click the same link and
> the same thing happens), but if I reopen the browser, login and try again,
> it works fine.
> 2. Changes applied to the Model<> objects in an AjaxButton.onSubmit()
> method have been lost when the page form is submitted.
> 3. Clicking a form submit button (which was enabled in an
> AjaxEventBehavior("onKeyUp").onEvent() method) complains it is not enabled
> when it is clicked. It was visually disabled when the page loaded and was
> visually enabled with the right things triggered the Ajax behavior
> referenced above.
> All of these functions in the app that broke have been working for years.
> We are using Google AppEngine Initializer from WicketStuff (6.19 with
> Wicket 6.19).
> I noticed the docs for GAE Initializer now say "Just put
> wicketstuff-gae-initializer.jar in the classpath and Wicket will use it
> automatically."
> I feel like that wasn't the process back when we started using it - we have
> some classes that override Wicket operations with WicketStuff GAE classes -
> could this be the problem? As an example, we have a GaeWicketApplication
> class that extends Application and implements GaeApplication to do things
> like change the RuntimeConfigurationType, override the eviction strategy
> and return a different IExceptionMapper provider. Should I back out some of
> those behaviors to see if the GAE Initializer will handle it all without
> any special code?
> TIA!
> Chris

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