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From Patrick Davids <patrick.dav...@nubologic.com>
Subject Feedback Messages across Requests / Problem
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 09:49:11 GMT
Hi all,

I have have a quite complicated feedback message case here.
Could someone help me, please...

We only want to show a single feedback message.
No matter, how much errors a form validation procudes.

So, I use setMaxMessages(1) on the feedback panel.
To avoid having them all showed up one by one while clicking reload, I 
implemented a FeedbackCollector and do a 
feedbackMessage.markAsRendered() somewhere on detach().
(maybe someone remember my post some months ago ;-) )

This all works pretty good... but:

In a special case I need to use setResponsePage(getPage()) on an 
AjaxRequest, instead of target.add(...).

To add feedback messages across requests, I have to use 
Session.get().error("my error").

But on a ajax request, it seems there is a second detach() more when 
using setResponsePage(), so my message will never get displayed, even 
when I used Session.get().error(...).

I read about a redirect issue, when using setReponsePage() in ajax cases.

Does this redirect accidently marks my messages as rendered, caused by 
an implicit second detach() (-> my own markAsRendered())?

Could some one confirm that? And if yes, is there any way to prevent it?

thanx and kind regards

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