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From Garret Wilson <gar...@globalmentor.com>
Subject need not-submitting button
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 01:03:21 GMT

There needs to be a way to have a Button that does not perform an HTML 
submit, such as Link, which allows onClick() handling instead of onSubmit().

Your first response will probably tell me to RTFM and 
setDefaultFormProcessing(false). :) But hear me out. If I have a submit 
button <button wicket:id="cancel" type="submit"...> in the HTML, and set 
an <input> as required in the HTML, then modern browsers will be so nice 
as to pop up a little flyover bubble pointing right at the field in 
question, and say, "You need to fill in this field." The problem is that 
the cancel button <button wicket:id="cancel" type="submit"...> will also 
cause this browser response, even with setDefaultFormProcessing(false) 
in the code, because the browser does this validation before submission 
even occurs.

I can short-circuit browser validation on cancellation by using <button 
wicket:id="cancel" type="reset"...> in the HTML, but then my 
Button.onSubmit() code in Java won't get called!

I can work around this by using Link in the code instead of Button, 
using <button> with type="reset" in the HTML, and overriding onClick() 
in the Java code. But it seems strange (and semantically silly) to use a 
Button in one instance and Link in another, just to get different submit 
activity---that is, unless all Wicket Buttons are really SubmitButtons.

In fact, that's what I'm getting to: a Button is a button, and it should 
have an onClick() method just like a link. Only a specialized 
SubmitButton should have an onSubmit(). A normal Button shouldn't cause 
automatic submission of the form just because I used a Button instead of 
a Link.

You may say that I should turn off required in the HTML so as to disable 
all browser validation, and let Wicket take care of all validation for 
consistency. There is some validity to this, but the flyover 
notifications the browser uses for empty required fields are so pretty 
and so much more user-friendly...


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