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From "Lucio Crusca" <lu...@sulweb.org>
Subject Re: <rant level="8/10"> Empty FeedbackPanel
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2014 09:54:47 GMT
> Wow! IMHO your answer is very un-respectful even if you don't notice it.
> Your first message to this list is from January 2013... and you still
> don't
> know what is an AJAX submit? Time to start reading a bit about the
> framework you are using? Instead of expecting people to solve your
> problems
> ;-)

*MY* reply is un-respectful? Did you really say *THAT*?

FYI: I've been using wicket since then and I never needed an Ajax submit
(I still don't need it now). Why should I study something I don't need?
And, while I'm at it, Wicket is well known for being powerful but poorly
documented. Wicket enthusiasts reply saying that Wicket has a wonderful
active community that can help you and provide for the lack of
documentation, hence people is more inclined to ask the community rather
than to study a sub-optimal documentation. Moreover I don't expect anyone
doing anything: I just ask, if someone is so kind as to reply, so good. If
no one replies it means I asked in the wrong place or in the wrong way.

But if I get such harsh replies like yours, I assume either you are a
troll or you've had a bad day, now you choose, I suspect the latter, since
you are into wicket much more than many others on this list. However
please take note: I'm sorry for you but I'm not guilty for your bad day.

And, while you spend your valuable time into looking at my past messages,
please observe that I even tried to help others at least once I remember
of, maybe a few times, the few times I felt like I could actually help. I
know, you've done much more than me for this community, and I hope one day
I will have your reputation and deserve your respect, but that day, if it
ever comes, I'll try to be kind to others too, which is not an optional
behavior even when you are a wicket expert.

That being said, I wish you all the best nevertheless.


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