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From Martin Grigorov <mgrigo...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Wicket Bootstrap 0.9.3 is released
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 20:40:49 GMT

Wicket Bootstrap 0.9.3 has been released and soon will be available at
Maven Central.

The major change is the upgrade of Bootstrap to 3.1.1.

The Git short log is:

David Beer (5):
      Added FontAwsome CDN Reference
      Changed the Class to extend UrlResourceReference and pass the CDN url
in the constructor
      Added support for a BootstrapStateless Form
      Added JavaDoc to class definition.     Change the constructor layout
o chain the constructor.

Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro (32):
      At a stateless pure JavaScript/client side component.
      wrap models to be able to user resource models
      add an example fo client side tabs
      get rid of extra iteration of tabs.
      introduce isActive
      rename model
      make tabs dynamic
      get rid of un-needed space
      improve text
      improve java doc     rename some methods     index start counting at
0 to be compatible with classical TabeedPanel
      add a test unit for client side tabs
      add more tests and add CSS class specific to each tab
      get rid of compilation warnings
      get rid of warnings
      get rid of unused import
      get rid of generic warning and un used import
      get rid of unused import
      get rit of unused import and generic warnings
      use Void for links
      fix a missing Void link
      another void link
      fix eclipse warning about missing default case
      modal model is limited to be IMode<String> and this is not needed.
      generify modal and add close and show methods.
      get rid of unused import
      get rid of generic warnings
      a convenient Icon behavior
      Revert "a convenient Icon behavior"
      white space not shown even with label not empty.
      add factory methods for AJAX link: same as BootstrapAjaxButton
      setRenderBodyOnly not needed
      Javadoc fix

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (49):
      Code formatting (tabs -> spaces) and Javadoc.
      Fixes #316 - Check all buttons until an active one is found
      Update to wicket-webjars 0.4.1
      Fix the used versions of TB and Bootswatch
      Closes #324 - Upgrade Bootstrap Tour to latest stable - 0.9.0
      Allow .css.map in dev mode.
      Library updates
      Closes #322 - Add the menu divider in onInitialize() only when:
      Upgrade Less4j to 1.3.0
      Upgrade TB and Bootswatch themes to 3.1.1
      Issue #322 - Fix the condition when the "divider" CSS class should be
set in case of a ListView
      Remove a debug statement
      Remove the pattern for *.css.map for the samples
      Closes #330 - Modal sizes
      Issue #330
      Upgrade datepicker JS and CSS from
      Closes #332 - use higher zIndex
      Small improvements suggested by FindBugs:
      Issue #339 - Minor restructuring of SessionThemeProvider class.
      Calculate the cdnUrl lazily to give chance the Bootstrap settings to
be installed
      Render the theme's css reference
      Fix test expectation - source maps are disabled
      Upgrade to Wicket 6.14
      Remove deprecated field that is not used since several releases
      Upgrade Less4j to 1.5.1
      Remove unused property for lesscss-engine
      Update Less4j to 1.5.2 (scripting support)
      Fixes #360 - set a default size for the Modal
      Issue #340 - rework ProgressBar to support non-upload scenaria and
      Issue #340 - add javadocs and make it easier to have a ProgressBar
with a single (default) stack
      Issue #340 - Add tests for ProgressBar
      Issue #340 - Minor cleanup before PR review
      Issue #340 - Make UpdatableProgressBar a specialization of ProgressBar
      Issue #340 - Simplify UploadProgressBar to duplicate the logic from
ProgressBar as less as possible
Issue #340 - Move #createLabelModel() to be a method of the Stack itself.
      Issue #340 - add checks for the value of the progress
      Issue #340 - extract Stack as a proper class.
      Fixes #367 - Do not contribute the CSS reference - it will be
contributed by the ITheme in use.
      Minor javadoc improvements
      Use wicket-jquery-selectors 0.0.4-SNAPSHOT because of
      https://github.com/l0rdn1kk0n/wicket-bootstrap/issues/365 - Use
utility methods Strings2.getMarkupId() and Strings2.escapeMarkupId()
      Use spaces instead of tabs for consistency
      Issue #364 - Fallback to the labelModel when there is no explicit
default label in the i18n resources for this id
      Fixes #369 - Upgrade Font Awesome to 4.1.0
      Upgrade dependencies
      Merge branch 'master' into dependencies-upgrade

Michael Haitz (19):
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
      Update README.md
      Update README.md
      upgrade to 3.1.0 and add updated bootswatch themes (there are two new
themes: superhero, lumen)
      upgrade to 3.1.0 and add updated bootswatch themes (there are two new
themes: superhero, lumen)
      useCdn must be applied on both css and js (issue #337)
      allow users to run wicket-bootstrap without webjars (issue #337)
      update documentation (fix #337)
      Merge pull request #333 from
      add settings constructor to bootswatch theme
      make webjars visible to less compiler. (fixes #346)
      Merge pull request #348 from dmbeer/master
      add default theme provider that uses
IBootstrapSettings.getCssResourceReference() (issue #347)
      Merge pull request #364 from ymlaine/master
      Merge pull request #362 from cschroeter/master
      update wicket-webjars
      update wicket-jquery-selectors
      prepare for release
      update versions and prepare for next release

Schröter, Christian (1):
      Removed active css class for tabs

Stephan Schrader (1):
      fix: loading bootstrap.css.map

Yves-Marie LAINE (1):
      Update FormGroup to use FormComponent.getDefaultLabel() (form
component     id as bundle key) when no FormComponent Label is specified.
(as     FormComponent does)

a1dutch (1):
      add additional navbar constructor

pulse00 (1):
      added some upgrading information

The Wicket Bootstrap team

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