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From Christian Smolka <christian.smo...@etecture.de>
Subject Validating multiple components as one
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2014 17:45:02 GMT
Hi to everybody!

My little problem is about validating multiple input fields as a single one.
So, I have three DoB fields (one for the day, one for the month and one
for the
year) that should be validated as a single date.

While using Wicket 1.5 we overwrote AjaxEventBehavior#getEventHandler() and
returned a custom made JavaScript that serialized the three fields like

StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer("wicketAjaxPost('")
    .append(this.getCallbackUrl()).append("', ");
for (String id : this.getInputIds()) {
    buffer.append("wicketSerialize(Wicket.$('").append(id).append("')) + ");
buffer.setLength(buffer.length() - 3);
return buffer;

This worked pretty well. But I have to migrate the application to Wicket 6
and this doing does work anymore. As far as I understood the new Ajax-way,
it isn't possible anymore to provide a custom script like the one above. But
how can I restore the old behavior? Do I have to put the fields into a
form and
submit the whole form to validate it?

Thanks in advance!

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