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From Giovanni Cuccu <giovanni.cu...@cup2000.it>
Subject could not find component x on page y error
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 10:52:52 GMT
    I'm facing a random error and I'm not able to trace its cause.
The error is
'could not find component x on page y error'
The problem is that the component named x has never been on page y.
The component name reported in the error is an old one (which is not in 
the jar app anymore) and it was orginally on another page.
I did delete the filestore files in the last deploy so I don't know 
where the app is taking the reference to x component.
I have no ajax replace on the page y and there waere no ajax replace on 
the original page either.
The user actions are the following
the user tries to load the app using an url that point to a protected 
(i.e required login) page
the page being requested is expired
the user get redirect to a login page
the user does some operations successfully
the user "sleeps" for the session expiration period
the user select a page anf got the error
I have a special Logback logger that put the logging events (SLF4J) of a 
single logged user into a thread local variable and on error it dumps a 
file; I don't know it this can be related to the error, so I put it on 
the table.
Can anyone suggest a way to find the cause of this error?

Giovanni Cuccu
Responsabile area sviluppo - CUP 2000 Spa
Via del Borgo di S. Pietro, 90/c - 40126 Bologna
e-mail: giovanni.cuccu _at_ cup2000.it

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