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From S├ębastien Gautrin <sebastien.gaut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Eclipse or IntelliJ
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 14:52:39 GMT
Personally I've been using IDEA since version 11, always on Linux, and 
from my view it's on the contrary quite faster than Eclipse, with a 
maven support that is not riddled with bugs.

Version 11 was as far as I'm concerned actually much cleaner and nicer 
than Eclipse ever was, and with version 12, the darkula theme is simply 
amazing: if I had to go back to work with Eclipse, the first I'd need 
would be to find a theme for it as close as possible as that theme.

P.S. for the cost part of IDEA that has been mentioned previously in the 
discussion, for those of you who work on Open Source projects, there's 
the Open Source Project License which gives you access to the full IDEA 
for free (same applies for Classroom License).

William Speirs wrote:
> I've always used Eclipse and am currently using Juno. The Maven support got
> much better, but other stupid things seem to have "broke." For example,
> switching tabs into the XML editor (or pom editor) seems to require
> calculating Pi to 10 million digits each time. Actually, I think there is a
> memory leak somewhere and its just a GC going off, I should load it in
> VisualVM and see. There are other annoying things about Eclipse with
> respect to settings, but they can usually be "fixed" by editing some file
> in the .settings directory.
> Tried IntelliJ once and it was terribly slow (and looked a bit ugly on
> Linux)... maybe I should try 12?
> At the end of the day... anything's better than vim/emacs :-)
> Bill-

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