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From Carl-Eric Menzel <cmen...@wicketbuch.de>
Subject Re: Migration issue: page that writes binary data to the response
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 17:25:11 GMT
I would simply do this in a Resource (e.g. subclass AbstractResource)
rather than in a page. Resources are for binary data, Pages are for
markup. That way you don't have to mess around in any way with the
response or anything like that.

Is there a particular reason you're using a page?


On Mon, 18 Feb 2013 17:55:37 +0100
Martin Dietze <di@fh-wedel.de> wrote:

> In the project I'm currently porting from 1.4.x to 6.6.0 I've
> run into an issue with Wicket pages which stream binary data
> into the WebResponse (e.g. ZIP archives created on the fly).
> First thing I found was that obviously I *have* to create
> templates for these pages even though they are not going to be
> used for anything. 
> The second thing is more serious: when writing to the response I
> get an IllegalStateException as the template code has already
> been written to it. This can be circumvented by calling
> Response.reset() before Response.write() in my code. However in
> development mode I still get an ISE as in Page.onAfterRender()
> there's this code here:
> | if
> (getApplication().getDebugSettings().isOutputMarkupContainerClassName())
> | { |     String className = Classes.name(getClass());
> |     getResponse().write("<!-- Page Class ");
> |     getResponse().write(className);
> |     getResponse().write(" END -->\n");
> | }
> Now of course I can write:
> | @Override
> | protected void onAfterRender() {
> |   try { super.onAfterRender(); } catch (IllegalStateException e) { }
> | }
> ... but I guess we agree that while this works it is far from nice.
> I am not sure if I understand correctly what the above code is
> trying to tell me. Does it mean that I am simply not supposed to
> deliver my ZIP files by a Wicket page that way? 
> If with today's Wicket version there's a different or even better
> way to do this, which one would that be?
> Else, would there be any harm in making the Page class more
> friendly to this kind of use, by e.g. putting the above
> if-statement into an overridable method and adding an option to
> the Component class to tell it that there's no markup for it and
> it should simply not expect any?
> Cheers,
> M'bert

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