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From "Chris Colman" <chr...@stepaheadsoftware.com>
Subject RE: Ideas on implementing dynamic addition of components that use AJAX?
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 08:04:37 GMT
>historically the components you add from auto resolvers are added via
>the autoAdd() method, not using add(). these components only exist
>during render of the page (in detach() phase all auto-added components
>are removed). the thinking here is that auto resolved components are
>not normal components. because they are resolved so late in the
>lifecycle they do not typically implement the entire lifecycle like
>onInitialize(), onConfigure(), etc may not necessarily be called. such
>components are also not meant to have their own state. because of
>these reasons we remove them at the end of the request and readd a new
>instance next time the page is rendered. these are basically
>"transient" "render-once" components.

I understand the historical treatment of components added by a component
resolver but would it work if there was, say, a mechanism whereby we
could set a flag on certain components that are added by a component
resolver to tell Wicket to treat them like first class components
instead of treating them like second class components like it does now?

In other words they would be treated as if they were added explicitly to
their parent in the contructor or onInitialize. i.e. preserved on detach

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