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From Dieter Tremel <tre...@tremel-computer.de>
Subject Wicket with JPA and container managed transactions
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:05:14 GMT
Moving from JSF to Wicket 6.1.0 I am used to having all JPA operations
in a EJB facade to use the container's (Glassfish 3.2.1) transaction
management. I use and know wicket-cdi for injection, which works fine.

Unfortunately, if I inject an EJB in a wicket page, the serialization
checks of wicket complain that it is not serializable. This is true for
EJB, I suppose since they are proxied by
EJBLocalObjectInvocationHandlerDelegate. Frustrated I have read the
thread around http://markmail.org/message/4esc7m5subft5ngu

My thinking is blocked at this point. If I can't use jpa with container
managed transactions wicket how is the simpliest way do achieve it? All
examples I googled and also these in the book "Wicket in Action" are
only reading data or using Spring, what I do not want to do.

Thank you for any hint
Dieter Tremel

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