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From Thijs Vonk <vonk.th...@gmail.com>
Subject Add an invisible component to an AjaxRequestTarget target
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:27:26 GMT

We have partial page updates all over a page. So panels and components 
all over the place that need Ajax updates.
We're using an Interface on those components and with an IVisitor we 
traverse the component tree and add every component to the target that 
has this interface.

But during development we see that we get errors in the ajax debug log 
when these components have an invisible state. These components 
themselves can have this state but some of the times, the parent 
component is invisible. In these cases when such a hidden component is 
added to the AjaxRequestTarget we get an error in the ajax debug log.

Adding the isVisible check before adding the component to the target 
could save us in some situations but not all (as it might get visible or 
invisible) at a later state.
How can I prevent these components from being added to the 
AjaxRequestTarget? Or from the error being thrown? I had hoped that a 
component being in an invisible state (somewhere in the tree) wouldn't 
get rendered. It's not really a problem in a 'deployment' situation, but 
it's not 'nice' either.


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