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From Rafał Krupiński <r.krupin...@gmail.com>
Subject PackageResourceBlockedException after migration to 6.0.0-beta2
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 01:08:20 GMT
I've just changed wicket dependency from 1.5.6 to 6.0.0-beta2 and
...and this is what I got:

Unexpected RuntimeException

Last cause: Access denied to (static) package resource
com/hashnot/nbp. See IPackageResourceGuard
Root cause:

Access denied to (static) package resource com/hashnot/nbp. See
at org.apache.wicket.request.resource.PackageResource.internalGetResourceStream(PackageResource.java:459)

This is the situation:

 void init(){
  mountPage("nbp", MyPage.class)
  //other similar mounts

//base Page with links to all mounted pages

mypackage.nbp.MyPage extends BasePage{}

(and of course the markup)
All links between mounted pages are handled by BasePage class and its markup.

>From the BasePage's point of view there is page mounted under "nbp"
and a subpackage nbp.

After I changed the mount from "nbp" to "nbp-rates" it started working,
so it looks like in case of conflicting mount-path and relative
package name there is a regression:
* in 1.5.x linking to X meant linking to mounted page
* in 6.0 it means linking to package

Can someone confirm it?
Pozdrawiam / Best Regards
Rafal Krupinski

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